hunting optics


We are an authorized dealer for Swarovski Optik, a company committed to the development and production of long-range sports optics of high precision and optical luminosity. For over 60 years, they have become known by hunters for their quality, longevity and value retention.

Swarovski Optik develops products for the decisive moment - for catching a glimpse of important details in the last light for shooting and for hitting the target with certain precision. The requirement for this is accurate knowledge of the hunter's needs and the ability to incorporate it consistently into the development of products.

Their top priority is to manufacture high-quality, high-precision products according to the highest quality standards. This is reflected on one hand in diamond-bright images when observing and aiming, and on the other in the ruggedness of the products on the mechanical side which contributes to your hunting success.

It's important to have the best possible "set of optical tools" for that decisive moment so that you are equipped for any situation when out hunting because some opportunities only present themselves once in a lifetime.

As an authorized Swarovski Optik dealer, let Kilimanjaro provide you with the perfect optical tools. The rifle scopes, binoculars, rangefinders and spotting scopes are the newest Swarovski has to offer. Be sure to contact us for the most current pricing since pricing from optics companies do often change.