Kilimanjaro Rifles – Gunsmith working on custom rifle

OUR custom RIFLE Process

Unlike most rifle makers, or even so-called “custom” rifle makers, Kilimanjaro Rifles provides full custom rifles tailored to your individual specifications and desires.  We do not merely provide a list of options from which to choose to “customize” a standard rifle.  Our motto is "All Custom – All The Time." We intend each and every rifle we make to be unique.

Full custom can be a daunting proposition, however, no matter your level of experience or certainty of what you want.  We are here to guide you through the process of creating your own special and unique rifle, and have a variety of different starting points designed to make the process easier.

Caliber & Cartridge

Most of our customers have already decided upon or selected a particular cartridge or other details when they contact us, but we will back you up to the beginning to think through even the most basic choices. Our inquiry begins with what and where do you hunt, what and where do you want to hunt, or what do you envision doing with your rifle. From there, we can help you determine the best cartridge and general configuration for your rifle, and you may discover it is not the one you thought. Of course, it may be that you already have a favorite rifle in a particular chambering, and are looking just to experiment with something different, but we can help you in that choice as well.


Stock & Geometry

The choice of a wood blank for your rifle is one of your most important choices, and usually one of the most enjoyable. With Kilimanjaro, you don’t just select a grade of wood, but pick your actual blank from the pictures on our website, or which we locate specially for you.

Another early choice to be made is whether you prefer a Hunter style Monte Carlo comb, an American style straight comb, or some other comb variation. From there, we can help you choose the basic form of your stock through our selection of many different starting "Geometries" which can be seen under our Features page. These starting Geometries are designed to assist you in getting the approximate shape, weight and contours you desire for your rifle, and then we can fine tune the final shape to your specifications.


Technical Conference

Once you have made the decision to purchase, we promptly schedule our first technical conference to go over the many other details and choices such as barrel type and length, choice of action, rate of twist, type of crown, desired options, type of sights, scope and mounts, etc., as well as any other specifications you may have.


Sourcing Components

Upon payment of the initial deposit, we then proceed with procurement of the necessary components, Stealth Lamination of your blank (if you so choose), and rough carving of the stock so that it may begin the acclimation period while we await delivery of your action and barrel.


Fabrication, Assembly and Finishing

Once all components are on hand, and the rough-carved stock has properly acclimated, we schedule another technical conference with you to confirm the details before full production begins. From there, you will receive regular status updates and progress photos so that you follow your rifle through each step of its creation.

Assuming no delay associated with action availability, production time typically runs twelve to fifteen months (and 10 months is the minimum to provide for the proper acclimation and cure periods in our production protocol).