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Rifle Accuracy

Strength, beauty and accuracy – they are each important in every Kilimanjaro Rifles creation. For the hunter, one shot does truly matter. The success of that shot will depend much on the hunter’s skills, but dependable accuracy of the rifle is also key. At Kilimanjaro Rifles, we maintain a rigorous quality assurance and testing program to ensure the accuracy of our rifles. That effort begins with the blue-printing and refinement of our actions with careful attention to the recoil resistance system (a common source of inaccuracy), fitting of a match grade barrel, chambering to match grade specifications, and precision crowning. All of these are important in achieving accuracy, but it is the mating of the barreled action to the stock that is most critical.

It is here that Kilimanjaro Rifles excels. Our exact wood to metal fit, precision in-letting and proper bedding of both action and barrel are all done by hand in the most labor intensive part of our production effort. Each rifle is different, and must be carefully tuned to achieve excellence. With the stability of the wood achieved through our Stealth Lamination process, we are able to do far more precise mating of the metal and the wood for improved accuracy.

Full barrel conditioning (break-in) is then conducted, and your rifle undergoes its initial accuracy testing. The rifle will be tuned until we are confident it will meet our standards upon completion.

Your rifle must successfully pass this initial testing/tuning effort before proceeding to wood finish, checkering and metal coating. Then, after final assembly, your rifle is tested/tuned again to ensure its accuracy.

Our official guaranty of accuracy is 1 MOA or less (a three-shot group, center to center, of approximately one inch or less at 100 yards), even on the largest bores. We strive for the tightest groups possible, however, and most of our rifles--with the proper load development--will shoot much better than this, and 1/2 MOA is what we like to see. Accuracy of Mannlicher or "full-stock" rifles cannot be guaranteed due to their finicky nature resulting from the full length stock and its attachment to the barrel at the muzzle, but to date, all of our Mannlicher rifles have also met these accuracy standards.

As a matter of perspective, please keep in mind that very few hunters--and they are rare exceptions--can achieve better than 1 MOA accuracy even though the rifle is capable of much better accuracy. Even for us, finding a tester with the discipline and skill to shoot 1/2 MOA from the bench is a challenge regardless of the rifle's capabilities.