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Custom Rifles

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Philosophy and Standards

Kilimanjaro Rifles' philosophy is "All Custom – All The Time", and our goal is to produce the finest full custom rifles in the world today. Each of our custom rifles is intended to be a unique creation tailored specifically for you. While we create works of exhibition quality and beauty, our focus is also on the field—rifles which look good and hunt better—the working tool as art. We set out to achieve our goal through the finest craftsmanship, exact attention to detail, stealth lamination to provide superior strength and stability, match-grade tolerances, and stringent accuracy and reliability standards.

The “Kilimanjaro Rifles Standards” is our internal production and quality assurance manual created and refined during our Research & Development effort from the collective experience of our gunsmiths, technical consultants and customers. A confidential document, it contains not only the standards that our custom rifles must meet, but step by step procedures, material specifications, product specifications, action refinement steps and details to achieve the highest quality to which Kilimanjaro Rifles is devoted.

Custom Rifles Process

Unlike most rifle makers, or even so-called “custom” rifle makers, Kilimanjaro Rifles provides full custom rifles tailored to your individual specifications and desires.  We do not merely provide a list of options from which to choose to “customize” a standard rifle.  Our motto is "All Custom – All The Time." We intend each and every rifle we make to be unique.

Full custom can be a daunting proposition, however, no matter your level of experience or certainty of what you want.  We are here to guide you through the process of creating your own special and unique custom rifle, and have a variety of different starting points designed to make the process easier.

Rifle Accuracy

Strength, beauty and accuracy – they are each important in every Kilimanjaro Rifles creation. For the hunter, one shot does truly matter. The success of that shot will depend much on the hunter’s skills, but dependable accuracy of the rifle is also key. At Kilimanjaro Rifles, we maintain a rigorous quality assurance and testing program to ensure the accuracy of our rifles. That effort begins with the blue-printing and refinement of our actions with careful attention to the recoil resistance system (a common source of inaccuracy), fitting of a match grade barrel, chambering to match grade specifications, and precision crowning. All of these are important in achieving accuracy, but it is the mating of the barreled action to the stock that is most critical.

It is here that Kilimanjaro Rifles excels. Our exact wood to metal fit, precision in-letting and proper bedding of both action and barrel are all done by hand in the most labor intensive part of our production effort. Each rifle is different, and must be carefully tuned to achieve excellence. With the stability of the wood achieved through our Stealth Lamination process, we are able to do far more precise mating of the metal and the wood for improved accuracy.


At Kilimanjaro, we understand the inherent variability of materials and the limitation that imposes on the quality that can be achieved in any mass-production, or even semi-custom production effort. As part of our full custom rifle offering, our attention is devoted to each rifle as a unique and special creation. To achieve the highest standards of quality, we insist on multiple performance and accuracy tests during the production of your custom rifle to ensure consistent and reliable function, feed, and dependable accuracy. The gunsmith assigned to your rifle’s creation is principally responsible for this, but each rifle must also pass multiple examinations and tests at different stages of production, as well as initial and final accuracy testing, and final approval and testing by our President. This typically means your rifle is tested not only in the cold, dry climate of Montana, but also in the warm, humid environment of Hawaii. Our Stealth Lamination is the key to this dependable and consistent accuracy in all conditions. Only when all of this has been done, and we are satisfied that the rifle meets Kilimanjaro’s exacting standards of quality, does your rifle ship to you.

Quality Assurance

Kilimanjaro Rifles' quality assurance program is second to none. Our goal is to produce the finest full custom rifles in the world today, and a rigorous and institutionalized quality assurance program is key to this effort. Our production gunsmiths are the first line in this program. They are selected not just for their skill but their attention to detail and understanding that the creation of the finest rifles is not merely a feat of engineering or craftsmanship, but an art form. Their work, however, must pass inspection of our Quality Control team at every stage of the production process. Your custom rifle does not proceed to the next step, until the quality of the step before has been verified. Our independent tester and President provide the final level of quality assurance.

Custom Rifle Production Schedule

Our standard production schedule for our custom wood-stocked rifles is twelve months from date of first deposit, subject to action availability. Because of the necessary acclimation and cure periods in our production process to achieve Kilimanjaro Rifles' demanding standards, minimum production time is ten months. Our testing and tuning process to verify and achieve the best accuracy and dependable performance is the biggest factor in our production time. Depending on the unique personality of each rifle, this can take several weeks to several months. Your rifle does not ship to you until we are satisfied that it meets our standards.