The Tigercat Custom Rifle

Kilimanjaro Tigercat 243 Win.

Kilimanjaro Tigercat 270-300 Savage

Kilimanjaro Tigercat 270-300 Savage

Kilimanjaro Tigercat 270-300 Savage

Kilimanjaro Tigercat 270-300 Savage

Kilimanjaro Tigercat 270-300 Savage

Serengeti Tigercat Mannlicher In 260 Rem.

Serengeti Tigercat Mannlicher In 260 Rem.
Custom Rifles made in America

For 2017 – Our Enhanced Featherweight Rifle

The Tigercat CUSTOM Rifle

When Even Less Is More

The Tigercat Custom Rifle is our high-end, lightweight wood-stocked custom rifle that once picked up, you just can't seem to put down. We normally bring this solid wood-stocked rifle in at less than 6 pounds without scope. Initial attempts to achieve the desired compact light rifle were hindered by the weight of the available standard short actions. The Kimber 84M & 84L actions allow us to bring this rifle geometry to fruition. The Kimber 84M & 84L have smaller ring and bolt diameters, relatively light weight, and feature a fine three position safety in the tradition of the Winchester pre-64 style. It's also a CRF action in the Mauser style, with all-steel bottom metal, a good trigger, and capable of cartridges up to the 30-06 class.

While outstanding actions in all of these respects, we modify the Kimber actions to achieve Kilimanjaro quality and precision, constructing our own recoil lug, shaving off some weight, re-contouring the action and bottom metal for greater elegance, smoothing and polishing the action components, and barreling with a custom contour that makes the action and barrel look like it was machined from a single block of metal. We designed the Tigercat stock to be slender, trim and elegant. A rifle that is a joy to carry as well as shoot. The Tigercat also makes an elegant Mannlicher or full-stock rifle.

The Tigercat Custom Rifle features:

Stealth Lamination:

Our proprietary Stealth Lamination provides greater strength and stability while preserving the full figure, grain and beauty of the wood. It provides all the benefits of a synthetic stock but with the beauty and superior feel of highly figured real wood. You may also choose an un-laminated solid wood stock if you prefer.

AAA Grade American Walnut Stock:

Choose your wood blank from our selection of the finest AAA grade American Walnut or Maple stock blanks. Your stock is laminated, and then rough carved and inlet using our precision equipment. As with all of Kilimanjaro's rifles, however, the final shaping and fitting is done by hand by our talented stock makers. As an option, you may select an upgrade to any of our Special Select Circassian Walnut, Exhibition or Premier wood blanks shown on our Wood Blanks page.

Deluxe Wrap-Around Checkering:

The Tigercat Custom Rifle includes our deluxe, fine-line wrap-around checkering—all done by hand—as standard. Our trademark Diamond Fleur Wrap-Around Checkering and other checkering patterns are available as options.

Museum Grade Wood Finish:

Our Museum Grade wood finish is the finest and most beautiful in the industry, and is designed specifically for rugged field use. This finest finish procedure, achieved during our extensive research and development efforts, requires no less than two months of effort from start to finish. You may specify high lustre, moderate lustre or satin finish.

Exact Wood To Metal Fit:

Our fine Circassian and American Walnut stocks are precisely fitted to and mated with the action and barrel by hand in this most time consuming step of the production process, and is key to meeting our stringent accuracy standards.


To achieve the unique lightweight of the Tigercat Custom Rifle, we utilize either the Kimber 84M or Kimber 84L actions. Once we have refined the action, and added an improved recoil resistance system, improved barrel mating design, and reshaped both the receiver and trigger bow for a more elegant appearance, we are able to achieve superior accuracy with these actions. The Kimber actions feature claw-type extraction, full controlled-round feed, Sako-style bolt release and a 3 position shroud mounted safety. Available only in right hand versions.


The Tigercat Custom Rifle can be chambered in your choice of cartridges from 22-250 to 30-06 (the 308 and 30-06 class of cartridges). Wildcat and archaic chambering in this size range is also possible.


A match grade stainless steel barrel to your specification of length, contour, twist and crown is included from your choice of Douglas (premium air-gauged) or Lilja. We utilize only the highest grade of barrels from the most quality conscious barrel makers like Pac Nor, Douglas, Shilen, Lilja and Krieger, but every barrel goes through our own independent testing for verification of accuracy and consistency.

Ceramic Metal Coating:

Kilimanjaro Rifles' premium ceramic metal coating is standard in your choice of colors, providing excellent metal and corrosion protection in an elegant non-glare finish for field use. Other metal finishes are available on request, including color-case hardening, bluing, and bead blast finishes.

Quality Assurance & Testing:

Rigorous quality assurance throughout the production process is provided with multiple pre-final and final tests. Full barrel conditioning (break-in) and accuracy testing with test target provided are standard.

Delivery Package:

Kilimanjaro Rifles' focus is always on the field and on the hunt. This focus extends to our delivery package. No cheap or flimsy plastic cases or impractical wood/velvet display cases here. No –we deliver your custom rifle in a top of the hard rifle case with a special ballistic nylon padded bolt/accessory pouch proudly embroidered with the Kilimanjaro logo.

As an available option, step up to our Deluxe Delivery Package which features a Pelican 1750 or Boyt Premium double rifle case in which your rifle, accessories, and a premium Kilimanjaro ballistic nylon field case are carefully fitted and ready to withstand a million miles of the toughest treatment any airline, freight company, baggage handler or safari staff can throw at it.

Other Features:

The Tigercat Custom Rifle also comes standard with bolt jewelling, shadow-line cheek piece, Ebony or Ironwood fore-end tip and grip cap, two action cross-bolts with Ebony or Ironwood caps, Dakota style in-let swivel studs, Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad in your choice of thickness and color, and Talley Quick Detachable scope rings & bases. Many other options are available on request.

Base Price $14,500

Available Options:

Multiple Rifle Discount (Same Time - All Rifles)


Action Options:


Customer Provided Action Credit



Customer Provided Barreled Action Credit


Wildcat/Archaic Chambering


Wood Upgrades:


Special Select Circassian Walnut



Exhibition Grade Wood



Premier Grade Wood


Premium Diamond Fleur Checkering


Grip Cap Ebony/Ironwood Ring With Walnut Insert


Mannlicher Full Length Stock


Schnabel Forearm Tip


NECG Iron Sights


Barrel Band


Muzzle Break


Mercury Recoil Reducer In Stock


Quarter Rib On Barrel


Bolt Knob Checkering


Custom Engraving Options


Initials Only On Floorplate



Decorative Engraving On Floorplate Only



Full Decorative Engraving



Game Scene & Full Decorative Engraving



Full Decorative Engraving With 24k Gold Inlay



Game Scene Engraving With 24k Gold Inlay


Color Case Hardened Accents


High Polish Blued Metal Finish


Deluxe Delivery Package


International Export


Anything Your Heart Desires

Price On Request

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