FROM ALASKA TO AFRICA  — When One Shot Matters — Kilimanjaro Rifles offers the finest full custom hunting rifles, safari rifles and dangerous game rifles crafted to your specifications. Each of our rifles is unique, hand-crafted one by one, and feature the beauty of highly figured walnut stocks, the unparalleled strength and stability of our proprietary Stealth Lamination, premium checkering, ceramic metal coating, exact wood to metal fit, and precise accuracy verified by extensive testing of each and every rifle. Whether your hunting grounds are the woods and plains of North America, the brush and jungle of Africa, or the mountains of Alaska, Kilimanjaro Rifles will create your perfect custom rifle to your specifications. Let us share the Kilimanjaro experience with you, and welcome you to the Kilimanjaro family.


Experimental Ballistics:

Gallery Rifle No. 101 on our Gallery Page is our latest Doctari Professional Rifle in 505 Gibbs, and it is stunningly beautiful. This is actually an experimental rifle with a much faster 1:10 rate of twist. Typically, the 505 Gibbs cartridge is given a 1:16 rate of twist, but we have always recommended 1:14 to allow for heavier 650 grain bullets as they become available. There is a growing school of thought; however, that even faster rates of twist on these very large bore bullets improves the straightness of travel after penetration. That extra speed of rotation is not needed for stability or accurate travel in air, but in very large game, appears to aid in maintaining straight travel to the vital areas rather than wandering after impact. This Doctari Rifle was commissioned by a customer engaged in this research, and we are eagerly awaiting the field test results.

Rifles Now:

We have new and very beautiful rifles just posted to the Rifles Now/Current Inventory page at significant discounts. Take a look. More are coming later in the year in 270 Win., 7x57, 300 Win., 9.3x62 Mannlicher, 416 Rem. and Doctari 450 Rigby.

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