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All of the checkering on Kilimanjaro Rifles' fine wood stock custom hunting rifles is exactingly done by hand. Many checkering patterns are available from traditional peak & valley, fleur-de-lis, geometric flares, our special trademark Diamond Fleur checkering, or a pattern designed just for you. The Kilimanjaro Rifle comes standard with the beautiful fine-line Diamond Fleur wrap-around checkering, featuring a unique blend of fleur-de-lis accents complimenting an elegant geometric diamond convergence.

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Checkering samples

checkering diamond

Diamond Fleur Checkering

checkering wrap

Deluxe 22 Point Wraparound Checkering

checkering diamond

Chase's Pattern

checkering wrap

Rod's Pattern

checkering diamond dot

1600 Circa Diamond Dot

checkering carved accents

Carved Accents

checkering fishscale

Fishscale & Scrolls

basketweave checkering

Basketweave & Maple Leaves

checkering heatwave


vinescroll rifle checkering

Vine Scroll

checkering McLaughlin


nelson checkering


hunting rifles