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Doctari Rifle No. 1 - 505 Gibbs

Doctari Rifle No.1 - 505 Gibbs

Doctari Rifle No. 2 - 416 Rigby

Doctari Rifle No.1 - 505 Gibbs

Doctari Rifle No. 3 in 458 Lott

Doctari Rifle No. 3 in 458 Lott

Doctari Rifle No. 4 – 505 Gibbs

Doctari Rifle No. 3 in 458 Lott

Doctari Custom Rifle 416 Rem.

Doctari Custom Rifle 416 Rem.

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The Doctari Professional Hunter Rifle

Africa’s Most Dangerous Demand The Perfect Shot

Designed by Dr. Kevin Robertson, Kilimanjaro Rifles is proud to introduce the Doctari Professional Hunter Custom Rifle.

Designed for ease of carry, quick deployment, immediate sight acquisition, proper recoil management, and the balance and handling qualities of a fine shotgun, the Doctari Professional Hunter Rifle represents a distillation of Dr. Robertson’s extensive experience with dangerous game. Kilimanjaro’s signature beauty and Stealth Lamination is combined with the finest Mauser style bolt-action and barrel. Delightful to hold and deadly on the hunt, the Doctari is for those moments when the most dangerous game is dangerous.

The Doctari Custom Rifle Features:

Stealth Lamination:

Our proprietary Stealth Lamination provides greater strength and stability while preserving the full figure, grain and beauty of the wood. It provides all the benefits of a synthetic stock but with the beauty and superior feel of highly figured real wood. You may also choose an un-laminated solid wood stock if you prefer.

Special Select Circassian Walnut Stock:

Choose your wood blank from our available inventory of Special Select Circassian Walnut Stocks shown on our Wood Blanks page, or located specially for you. Exhibition and Premier wood blank upgrades are available as options.

Diamond Fleur Wrap-Around Checkering:

The Doctari Professional Hunter Rifle includes our trademark Diamond Fleur Wrap-Around Checkering—all done by hand—as standard, but with other checkering patterns available as options.

Museum Grade Wood Finish:

Our Museum Grade wood finish is the finest and most beautiful in the industry, and is designed specifically for rugged field use. This finest finish procedure, achieved during our extensive research and development efforts, requires no less than two months of effort from start to finish. You may select from a high lustre, moderate lustre or satin finish.

Exact Wood To Metal Fit:

Our fine Circassian Walnut stocks are precisely fitted to and mated with the action and barrel by hand in this most time consuming step of the production process, and is key to meeting our stringent accuracy standards.


The superb Granite Mountain Magnum and Dakota 76 actions are standard on the Doctari Professional Hunter Rifle. Featuring full controlled round feed, Mauser claw extractor, Mauser style bolt release and a 3-position shroud safety, Kilimanjaro Rifles refines it further to meet our exacting performance standards.


The Doctari Professional Hunter Custom Rifle is chambered in your choice of 505 Gibbs, 500 Jeffery, 450 Rigby, 458 Lott, 416 Rigby, 416 Rem. and 375 H&H, but additional chambering is available on request.


A free-floated match grade stainless steel barrel to your specification of length, contour, twist and crown is included from your choice of barrel makers. We utilize only the highest grade of barrels from the most quality conscious barrel makers like Pac Nor, Douglas, Shilen, Lilja and Krieger, but every barrel goes through our own independent testing for verification of accuracy and consistency.


The Doctari Professional Hunter Rifle now features premium NECG iron sights as standard with a height adjustable fiber-optic front bead, window hood, and your choice of a fully adjustable standard rear sight, or an "Express" style rear sight with a folding leaf for dead-on accuracy at two different ranges. Two and three leaf versions are also available.

Stock Geometry:

The Doctari Professional Hunter Custom Rifle geometry has been meticulously designed and developed by Dr. Robertson. It has been perfected to allow comfortable shoulder carry while gripping the wrist, immediate deployment, proper recoil management, the balance and handling qualities of a fine shotgun, but the form needed for accurate placement of the largest magnum cartridges.

Ceramic Metal Coating:

Kilimanjaro's premium ceramic metal coating is standard in your choice of colors, providing excellent metal and corrosion protection in an elegant non-glare finish for field use.

Quality Assurance & Testing:

Rigorous quality assurance throughout the production process is provided with multiple pre-final and final tests. Full barrel conditioning (break-in) and accuracy testing with test target provided are standard.

Delivery Package:

Kilimanjaro Rifles' focus is always on the field and on the hunt. This focus extends to our delivery package. No cheap or flimsy plastic cases or impractical wood/velvet display cases here. No –we deliver your custom rifle in a top of the hard rifle case with a special ballistic nylon padded bolt/accessory pouch proudly embroidered with the Kilimanjaro logo.

Other Features:

The Doctari Professional Hunter Custom Rifle also comes standard with bolt jewelling, Ebony or Ironwood fore-end tip, two action cross-bolts with Ebony or Ironwood caps, Dakota style in-let rear swivel stud, barrel band, Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad in your choice of thickness and color, and Talley Quick Detachable scope rings. Many other options are available on request.

Base Price $ 23,995

Available Options:

Wildcat/Archaic Chambering


Wood Upgrades:

Exhibition Grade Wood



Premier Grade Wood


Mercury Recoil Reducer In Stock


Bolt Knob Checkering


Custom Engraving Options


Initials Only On Floorplate



Decorative Engraving On Floorplate Only



Full Decorative Engraving



Game Scene & Full Decorative Engraving



Full Decorative Engraving With 24k Gold Inlay



Game Scene Engraving With 24k Gold Inlay


Color Case Hardened Accents


Anything Your Heart Desires

Price On Request

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