custom rifles

Deluxe Delivery Package

Kilimanjaro Rifles' focus is always on the field and on the hunt. This focus extends to our delivery package. No cheap or flimsy plastic cases or impractical wood/velvet display cases here. No –we deliver your custom rifle in a top of the line ballistic nylon padded field case proudly embroidered with the Kilimanjaro logo, along with a separate ballistic nylon bolt/accessory pouch with multiple compartments.

As an available option, step up to our Deluxe Delivery Package which features a Pelican 1750 or Boyt Premium double rifle case in which your rifle and accessories are carefully fitted and ready to withstand a million miles of the toughest treatment any airline, freight company, baggage handler or safari staff can throw at it.

Soft cases usually end up consuming valuable packing room and weight as the airlines steadily reduce what we can carry as baggage. Kilimanjaro thus fits our premium ballistic-nylon, padded soft case into the lid of the Pelican hard case ready to remove and use on arrival.

rifle delivery packaging