Custom Rifle Options

Each of our rifle models have different standard equipment and features, but every detail and component of your unique hunting rifle can be changed or customized to your special requirements.  Anything technically achievable is possible, although we may not necessarily recommend all of those possibilities.

Our most popular custom rifle options include:

Vais Muzzle Break with removable thread cap – this is the quietest and most effective muzzle break we have found for reducing recoil. It is easily removable and comes with a thread cap to protect the barrel when not installed. We also secretly machine a thread cap removal wrench into your follower or magazine so no separate tools are needed to remove the cap in order to install the break.

Mercury Recoil Reducer – installed inside the butt-stock of your rifle, this is another very effective way to tame the recoil of the bigger cartridges.

Barrel Band – Traditionally used only on the most powerful guns to move the sling attachment forward and away from your hand during recoil, we find the barrel band provides a better and more comfortable location for sling attachment when carrying your with the sling over your shoulder. We thus offer it as an option in lieu of our standard Dakota style inlet front swivel stud, or in addition to it (which provides both the more comfortable sling attachment and full bipod attachment capabilities).

Bolt Knob Checkering/Engraving – after your bolt handle has been coated, we can have it engraved/checkered in either a two panel or three panel design providing an elegant silver detail to your custom rifle.

Ebony Ring With Walnut Interior Grip Cap – All Kilimanjaro and Serengeti hunting rifles comes standard with your choice of contrasting wood forearm cap, dual cross-bolts with contrasting wood caps, and a contrasting wood grip cap.  Ebony and Ironwood are the two most popular choices for these elegant details.  As an option, and an even more elegant detail, the grip cap can be made from a contrasting wood ring with a walnut interior.  This walnut interior can be either smooth-finished or checkered as you prefer.

Alternate Metal Finishes – While we highly recommend our Serekote ceramic metal finish, alternate metal finishes are available, including, traditional bluing, high-polish bluing, stainless bead blast, and color case hardening (although some of these may affect your ability to utilize the stainless steel barrel we recommend).

Scopes – We can help you select the proper optics for your custom rifle and procure it for you so that it can be sighted in and tested with your rifle.

Wood Blank Upgrades – While both the Kilimanjaro and Serengeti Rifles come standard with fine Circassian Walnut—the very best wood for rifle stocks—we have upgrades available to the most exceptional and beautiful wood blanks which can be seen on our Wood Blanks page.

Custom Engraving – We can also help you design and provide custom engraving for your custom rifle—from your initials to full artistic, arabesque, floral or game scenes.

Barrel Mounted Recoil Lug – Standard on our big bore rifles, an additional barrel mounted recoil lug is an available option on all of our rifles for increased recoil management.

Continental Shadowline Cheek-Piece – As an alternative to our standard tear-drop shaped Shadow Line Cheek Piece, you may also choose a classic oval Continental Cheek Piece, or your own custom shaped Cheek Piece. All of our Cheek Pieces feature an exquisitely crafted Shadow line detail (unless you request otherwise) to increase the beauty and visual effect where the cheek pad merges with the stock.

Schnabel Fore-Arm Tip – A very popular and classic finish on the rifle forearm, Kilimanjaro can provide slim, moderate or full Schnabel forearm tips in lieu of the standard Ebony or Ironwood forearm caps.