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Kilimanjaro Offers Some Very Sweet Custom Rifle Deals

If you need a rifle quickly, or just don't want to wait for a full custom rifle build, Kilimanjaro has the following completed rifles available for immediate delivery, and at special discounted prices:

13-207 Kilimanjaro African Rifle In 375 H&H

With an Exhibition Grade Turkish Walnut stock and our proprietary Stealth Lamination, this African Rifle is chambered for the 375 H&H cartridge and built on our refined version of the Sako 85 action with a 24" Douglas stainless barrel. The rifle features a beautiful dark bronze ceramic metal coating with color-case hardened accents, Diamond Arrowhead checkering, Ebony wood accents, Ebony ring with checkered walnut interior grip cap, NECG fiber-optic iron sights, barrel band, mercury recoil reducer, and Talley QD scope mounts. Trigger pull is 2.5 lbs and length of pull is 14.0". This rifle tested with a 0.308" group at 100 yards using Barnes TSX 300g bullets and 73.0g of W748 powder. It also had four other loads all testing less than 0.500" including a 5-shot group at only 0.484". Scope not included.
Regular price = $20,150.

Sale Price: $13,995.

Kilimanjaro African Rifle In 416 Rem. Mag. (14-201)

Chambered for the 416 Rem. cartridge, and built on the Dakota 76 action with a Douglas 24” stainless barrel (1:14 twist), Special Select Grade Turkish Walnut stock, Diamond Arrowhead checkering, engraved cross-bolts, Stealth Lamination, Ebony wood accents, Black Ceramic metal coating, Talley QD scope mounts, barrel band, mercury recoil reducer, and NECG fiber-optic iron sights. This rifle tested to 0.429" group at 100 yards with Barnes TSX 400g bullet and 77.0g of RL15 powder. Scope not included.
Regular price = $17,900.

Sale Price: $12,995.

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