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Kilimanjaro Offers Some Very Sweet Custom Rifle Deals

With the completion of each year’s shows, Kilimanjaro swings into full production not only on our customer custom rifles, but also for new custom rifles to display next year at the SCI and Dallas Safari Club shows. We accordingly need to reduce inventory of our prior custom hunting display rifles, and are offering very special pricing to do so. Check out this extraordinary collection of custom rifles at very special pricing. All of these custom rifles have been displayed at the shows and in our advertising, and some have been used in our field-testing around the world or by noted writers for magazine reviews, but all are delivered in as new condition with Kilimanjaro's full lifetime guaranty.

13-405 Kilimanjaro Leopard Rifle in 30-06

In our sleek Leopard stock geometry with its gently rising comb, this rifle is chambered for the classic 30-06 cartridge and built on our refined version of the Sako 85M action with detachable magazine, controlled round feed, and a Douglas air-gauged 22" stainless barrel. The stock is crafted from Exhibition Grade Turkish Walnut with our proprietary Stealth Lamination, Diamond Arrowhead checkering, Ebony wood accents including an ebony ring grip cap with smooth walnut interior, and shadow-line cheek-pad. The metal work features Kilimanjaro Black ceramic metal coating with color case hardened metal accents, and Talley 1" quick detachable scope mounts. Trigger pull is 2.5 lbs and LOP is 14.0". This rifle tested at 0.442" group at 100 yards with 200g Barnes TSX bullets and 44.0g of RL15 powder. Scope not included.

Special Sale Price: $14,995

Kilimanjaro African Rifle In 375 H&H

Featuring an Exhibition Grade Turkish Walnut stock with Stealth Lamination, this African rifle is chambered for the 375 H&H, the perfect all-round African & Alaskan hunting cartridge. The rifle is built on the Dakota 76 action, a Lilja stainless 22 inch barrel (1:12 twist), and includes our premium Diamond Arrowhead checkering, NECG fiber-optic front sight and Masterpiece adjustable rear sight, sculpted Talley QD 30mm scope mounts, Kilimanjaro Black ceramic metal coating and color-case accents, Ebony forearm tip and cross-bolt caps, Ebony ring with walnut interior grip cap, Black Decelerator recoil pad, barrel band, 2.5 lb trigger pull, and a 14.0" LOP. This rifle tested with 0.514" and 0.586" groups at 100 yards with the Barnes TSX 300g bullet and 66.0g of RL15 powder.

Special Sale Price: $16,995

Kilimanjaro Lever-Action Rifle In 308 Marlin Express

Featuring a Premier Grade Turkish Walnut stock, this custom lever-action rifle chambered for the 308 Marlin Express cartridge has been crafted by Kilimanjaro based on its substantially modified and re-sculpted Marlin action, and a Lilja 22" stainless barrel (1:10 twist) in our own custom contour. The rifle also features Kilimanjaro Black ceramic metal coating, Diamond Fleur checkering, Ebony wood accents, full-length scope rail, quick detachable scope rings, fiber-optic front sight with ghost ring rear sight, Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad, upgraded trigger and ejector, Hunter style Monte Carlo comb with shadow-line cheek-pad, a quick release lever pin removable by hand without tools. Trigger pull is 2.5 lbs and LOP is 14.0". Due to action design, lever action rifles are rarely as accurate as a good bolt-action rifle. This hyper-accurate lever action rifle, however, tested to 0.614" groups at 100 yards using Hornady 160g FTX bullets and 41.5g of LeverEvolution powder. Scope not included.

Special Sale Price: $12,995

Kilimanjaro Custom Geometry Rifle In 7mm Rem. Mag.

A very special custom rifle built on our improved version of the Sako 85L action with a premium air-gauged Douglas stainless barrel, a unique thumb-hole/beaver-tail stock geometry, custom checkering, Exhibition grade Circassian walnut, Stealth Lamination, roll-over cheek-piece with shadow-line detail, black ceramic metal coating with color-case hardened accents, Ironwood stock accents including a flared Ironwood grip cap, and a 13.75" LOP. This rifle has tested to sub-0.5 MOA accuracy with multiple different loads including 0.375" 160g Speer; 60.0g WXR), 0.375" (175g Speer; 58.0g H4831sc), 0.504" (160g TSX; 55.5g RL19) and 0.529" (160g TSX; 63.5g H1000). Scope not included.

Special Sale Price: $16,995.

Jaguar 30-06 Tactical Hunting Rifle

This Serengeti Jaguar tactical hunting rifle by Kilimanjaro is chambered for the classic 30-06 cartridge, and is built on a customized version of the Stiller Predator action with a grey McMillan Graphite Hunter's Edge synthetic stock, a stainless Lilja 24" barrel with 1:10 twist, brushed stainless metal finish and Vais muzzle break. The rifle comes complete with Leupold scope mounts, a Minox ZA3 3-9x40 scope with ballistic reticle, and a Kilimanjaro ballistic nylon padded soft case. This rifle is a true tack driver and tested with a sub-0.250" three-shot group at 100 yards using Barnes Tipped TSX 150g bullets, and 59.0g of RL17 powder. LOP=13.875". Available for immediate shipment.

Price: $4,995.

Kilimanjaro Leather Ammunition Carriers:

A special close-out sale on remaining stock.

These custom, hand-crafted leather ammunition carriers are constructed of thick, durable leather for years of service in the roughest conditions. Featuring reliable silent closures (that stay closed until you open them) with no buttons, snaps or velcro, they have a sturdy leather belt loop on the back, and individual tight leather sleeves for each cartridge inside. Three sizes fit almost all cartridges: (1) Regular for 308/30-06 Class Cartridges [Capacity=12]; (2) Magnum for 300 Win./375 H&H Class Cartridges [Capacity=12]; and (3) Rigby/Gibbs for oversize cartridges like the 416 Rigby, 338 Lapua, 378 Weatherby and 505 Gibbs [Capacity=10]. Various colors, stitching and hand-tooling as shown. Crafted one at a time in Montana by Kilimanjaro's superb saddle-maker using real cartridges to ensure a tight fit of the leather sleeves to hold cartridges securely, yet quick and quiet access when needed.

Price: $125 each

Buy two or more, and receive a 10% discount on the additional carriers.

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