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Kilimanjaro Offers Some Very Sweet Custom Rifle Deals

If you need a rifle quickly, or just don't want to wait for a full custom rifle build, Kilimanjaro has the following completed rifles available for immediate delivery, and at special discounted prices. Please note: credit cards not accepted for sale price, only check, money order or wire transfer.

13-201 Kilimanjaro Mannlicher Rifle In 9.3x62 Mauser

Built on a very rare and very early VZ24 Mauser action (serial number 83), this full-stocked Kilimanjaro Mannlicher Rifle is chambered for the 9.3x62 Mauser cartridge. Trim and compact, but with just enough weight for this cartridge, it is a delight to handle. The full-length stock is Exhibition Grade Claro Walnut with Stealth Lamination, traditional fine-line peak & valley wrap-around checkering, and a continental style shadow-line cheek pad. The fully restored and reconditioned early version of the VZ24 Mauser action has been mated to custom modern bottom metal and a 20.0" Douglas stainless barrel. Metal finishes are Kilimanjaro Black ceramic coating with color-case hardened accents, along with superbly engraved cross-bolts, bolt knob checkering with rosette, NECG iron sights with fiber-optic bead, and sculpted Talley QD scope mounts. Trigger weight is 2.5 lbs, and length of pull is 14.0". A beautiful and elegant rifle, newly crafted, but from a bygone age. This rifle tested at 0.411" group at 100 yards with 286g Barnes TSX bullets and 58.0g of H380 powder. Scope not included.

Sale Price = $9,995

13-203 Kilimanjaro African Rifle In 416 Rem.

Featuring our Stealth Laminated Turkish Walnut stock, this African Rifle in 416 Rem. is built on the Dakota 76 action with a Lilja 24.0" stainless barrel, Kilimanjaro Black ceramic metal coating with color-case accents, Diamond Arrowhead checkering, Ebony trim including an Ebony Grip Cap ring with walnut interior, NECG iron sights, mercury recoil reducer, removable Vais muzzle break with thread cap, bolt knob checkering, barrel band and sculpted Talley QD rings. LOP is 14.25 inches, and trigger is 2.5 pounds. This rifle tested at a 0.598" group at 100 yards with Barnes TSX 400g bullets and 74.0g of RL15 powder. Scope not included.

Sale Price = $9,995

16-204 Kilimanjaro Walkabout Rifle in 30-06

With a very unique and beautiful Exhibition Grade Claro walnut stock, complete with swirling colors and distinctive grain, this Kilimanjaro Walkabout Rifle is chambered for the classic 30-06 cartridge. Built on the Sako 85M action, the rifle features a stainless Douglas air-gauged 22" barrel, 14.0" length of pull, 2.5 lb trigger weight, Talley QD scope mounts, premium Diamond Fleur checkering, ebony wood accents including an ebony ring grip cap with checkered walnut interior, and Kilimanjaro Black ceramic metal coating with color case hardened scope mounts and bottom metal. The pictures show the optional engraved scope rings and magazine with 24k gold inlay. This rifle tested at 0.393" group at 100 yards with 180g Barnes TSX bullets and 46.5g of W748 powder. Rifle comes with unengraved color-case hardened rings and magazine; engraved rings and magazine with 24k gold inlay as shown is $2,000 extra. Scope Not Included.

Sale Price = $12,995

14-209 Kilimanjaro African Rifle In 416 Rem.

This exceptional Kilimanjaro African Rifle in 416 Rem. features deluxe engraving with 24K gold inlays and a Cape Buffalo peering out from the floor plate. The stock is a beautiful mineral-streaked Turkish Walnut with our Stealth Lamination, Diamond Fleur checkering, and Ebony wood accents including an Ebony grip cap ring with checkered walnut interior. The rifle is built on the Dakota 76 action with a Douglas 22.5" stainless barrel, mercury recoil reducer, NECG iron sights, barrel band, Kilimanjaro Black ceramic coating, color-case accents, sculpted Talley QD rings, and a deluxe full engraving package with Cape Buffalo game scene and 24K gold accents. LOP is 14.0" and trigger pull is 2.5 pounds. One of a three rifle set in 300 H&H (Tahr Game Scene), 375 H&H (Lion Game Scene) and 416 Rem. (Cape Buffalo Game Scene). This rifle tested with a 0.547" group at 100 yards using 400g Barnes TSX bullets and 75.0g of RL15 powder. Scope Not Included.

Sale Price = $14,995

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