rifle actions


No matter what rifle action you choose, Kilimanjaro Rifles modifies and refines the action to meet our exacting standards for smooth and reliable operation, optimum accuracy, improved recoil resistance and aesthetic beauty.  Aside from full blue-printing to eliminate poor manufacturing tolerances, the modifications and refinements we make vary based on what we learned during our extensive R&D efforts with each action type, and any nuances discovered in your selected action.  When we are finished, no matter the action type you select, you will have a superior Kilimanjaro quality action.

Available actions include:

Dakota 76 Action – Our refined version of the Dakota 76 action provides an elegant improvement on the basic Mauser & Winchester Pre-64 designs, with controlled round feed, claw extractor, three-position horizontal shroud safety, and a flush hinged bolt release. Available in both right and left hand versions.

Kilimanjaro Improved Sako 85 Action – Our modified and improved version of the Sako 85 action with which we had excellent success in our R&D program. Once we have refined it and added a superior recoil resistance system, it provides an elegant and highly dependable action with smooth, quiet bolt travel, reliable feed, a relatively short angle of bolt lift, a secure but detachable magazine allowing for instant unloading and loading, and controlled round feed. Our version of the Sako 85 excels in virtually all chamberings. Available only in right hand versions, but in multiple sizes tailored to virtually all cartridge sizes.

Granite Mountain Action – We are pleased to also offer our customers our improved and refined version of the Granite Mountain actions, available in both left and right hand versions. A full controlled-round feed, claw extractor action in the tradition of the Mauser 98, the Granite Mountain is a superb choice for the largest magnum cartridges. Among other refinements, we reshape and refine the feed rails and feed ramp for reliable feed of the biggest cartridges and flat-nosed bullets for maximum stopping power on dangerous game.

Winchester Model 70 Action – Our refined and improved version of this time-tested industry standard is available in both short and long action sizes, and in your choice of left or right hand configuration. With full controlled round feed, full-length claw extractor, dependable two-piece trigger, and three-position shroud-mounted wing safety, it provides an excellent platform for safari and dangerous game rifles, and is equally at home on rifles for smaller game.