Kilimanjaro’s Proprietary Stealth Lamination

Kilimanjaro Rifles specializes in the production of fine, solid wood rifle stocks. 
What sets our stocks apart from production and other custom wood stocks (aside from our selection of the very best Turkish Walnut available) is our proprietary Stealth Lamination technology. It increases the strength and stability of the wood while offering the discriminating sportsman the beauty and feel of a solid wood stock virtually impervious to the accuracy-robbing warping effects of temperature and moisture changes. One of the more notable hunting writers even subjected our laminated stock to a prolonged bath-tub submersion, only to discover that the point of impact changed not a wit.

Not only does our lamination technology preserve the full figure and beauty of the solid wood, it allows us to even enhance it. We are able to choose the most desirable grain and figure from within the blank (as revealed from our plank cuts) and fold that to the outside of both sides of the stock. Originally known as the ACRA-Bond process, our Stealth Lamination even allows the use of highly figured exhibition grade wood stock that would otherwise not provide sufficient thickness for a stock blank, thereby offering a much wider selection of premium grade wood.

rifle stock lamination

It has long been known that a length of wood halved along its thickness, its halves reversed, then bonded together, retains significantly more resistance to moisture and temperature warping and swelling than a solid uncut length of wood of the same thickness. This is because the wood grain of the laminate is reoriented. If one or both halves come under stress, the opposing half will resist that stress. Kilimanjaro Rifles' proprietary lamination process takes this principle several steps further, but in a way that enables not merely the preservation, but the actual enhancement of the wood’s natural grain and figure.

Stealth Lamination technology provides stability, durability, accuracy and weather resistance equal or superior to conventional laminated and synthetic stocks without the "plywood" look of other laminated stocks, or the "plain Jane" look and artificial feel and sound of synthetic stocks. The patented process singles us out in the industry, and is the core of our ability to provide Exhibition Grade Beauty in a rifle designed for and capable of rugged field use. For more than fifteen years and counting, Kilimanjaro Rifles' Stealth Lamination stands up to and masters the harsh conditions of the field to provide superb performance and sublime beauty.

kilimanjaro stealth lamination