Custom rifle wood finish

Museum Grade Wood Finish

Kilimanjaro is especially proud of the beauty of our wood finish which is second to none.  We call it “Museum Grade” because it is worthy of the finest exhibit in any museum, but developed to perform and withstand the rigors of the field—the working tool as art. Requiring almost two months to perform, and up to 20 different coats and cure periods, all Kilimanjaro wood stock rifles are expertly finished to provide a museum quality furniture grade tung-oil/urethane finish free of any defect, scratch, brush line, void, unfilled wood pore, or holiday as inspected through 4x magnification. The finish is then carefully treated for glare reduction to optimize it for field use. You may choose from a high lustre, moderate lustre or satin final finish.

While objects of beauty and elegance, our custom hunting rifles are designed and are intended to hunt, and to do so in the harshest conditions anywhere in the world. Do not let its beauty deter you. Our Stealth Lamination provides the strength and stability for any conditions, our metal finish is the toughest and most protective, and our wood finish is similarly designed to take the rigors of the hunt.